Write an article about animals for the magazine

Other markets are also open to pet-related articles. Have you written for magazines that pay similar rates? Medical writers may find their human health clips helpful in selling animal health articles particularly if these clips demonstrate that they are excellent interviewers of physicians.

Another advantage you have as a writer is the ability to interview more than one expert, and present more than one point of view.

Write About Dogs

Introduce yourself and tell us that you wish to contribute to the Fedora Magazine. Equipment articles are particularly popular with horse and bird publications. The Magazine editors will review your idea and give you some feedback, and hopefully approve your idea for an article.

Now write your conclusion. News items fit well into this category, such as an article Dog Fancy ran on the efforts of search-and-rescue dog teams in the aftermath of the Mexico City earthquake.

We are definitely eager to find and develop new, capable writers.

51 Popular Magazines That Need Freelance Writers

Writing about pets can be fun and lucrative. So step over the dog, take the cat off your keyboard, and get started! Tell us about them in the comments! And with good reason: We welcome new contributors because they offer fresh ideas we might not otherwise consider.

As you write your draft, try to understand and follow the style, grammar, and SEO guidelines for the Magazine. While some writers occasionally embarrass their kids when they write about them, animal article writers never have this problem!

Most importantly, you can translate tech-talk into pet talk. You'll also probably need a decent portfolio of previous work to prove your professionalism before they'll even take you seriously.

For example, Reptiles covers all types of reptile and amphibian pets. Editors love such "double-duty" pieces; adding an extra dimension to your article can greatly enhance its chances.

By having your content published on www. AKC Gazette is for people who want to compete with their purebred dogs in dog shows. In your newly-created post, write a brief outline of your post, what it will contain, and the target audience.Animal Wellness magazine covers topics in natural pet care and holistic health.

Feature articles on holistic healing ( to 1, words) are accepted. Writers can expect a response within 4 weeks; simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

Profiting from Pets: Writing for Animal Magazines By John K. Borchardt

Learn about the hottest topics that hunting magazine editors frequently want from freelance writers and how to successfully pitch them. Top 10 Topics to Pitch to Hunting Magazines by Freelance Writing You can write a feature article about a hunter who may have survived an ordeal or hunters who’ve discovered or created new activities.

For articles that generate positive feedback and plenty of reader comments, we will consider them for inclusion in the print edition of K9 Magazine or we may ask the author to write specific features for us (so tell your friends if your article is published).

So rather than writing an article about the best cat food for a healthy cat, a trade magazine editor would be interested in an article about the trend in natural cat foods and why consumers are choosing them. Article topics include breeding, raising and training many types of animals.

Owning an animal isn’t required to write for these magazines; I don’t have a pet. However, it definitely gives writers a head start in developing and researching topics.

Write an article about it! Consider a life-stage approach to health topics, from the needs of the newborn to the aging pet. Try a seasonal focus, such as protecting your pet from the hazards of hot or cold weather.

Write an article about animals for the magazine
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